Tim Dalton

Call to Missions

The first time I went on a mission trip was to Haiti with Agape to the Nations. This was my daughter's graduation gift from her grandparents. I wasn't against her going, but I also knew I couldn't send her without me. The real reason for me going was to protect my wife and three daughter's, so I thought. God had a different plan than mine . The Lord started a work in my life in March of 2019. My Heavenly father told me to surrender to His call and go into the Mission field. I stood in Grace Baptist Church white knuckleing the pew and said no. Instead I devised a plan of my own. I'm sure God laughed and said, "ok go ahead". Fast forward to August 17th 2019. I had tried my own plan and it had failed, Praise God. On August 18th 2019, I'm am sitting in church listening to campus Pastor Johnny McCartney and the Lord spoke very clear to me. He was preaching on how many signs did the Israelites need and how many signs do we need to do what God has called us to do. God was calling me again except this time there are no church pews to hold me back. I surrendered to Gods call that morning. After Church I shared with my wife Joyell , she proceeded to let me know she had been quietly praying that I would surrender to the Ministry. She had been praying this since March of 2019.  I had no idea she had been praying this. I called Charlie and Kinsley Smith the founders of Agape to the Nations and explained what God had done. They told me that they had been praying for someone to come along beside them to be a Mission Coordinator in Haiti

Wow. Gods plan is always better and easier when we are obedient.


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