Charlie and Kinsley founded Agape to the Nations in 2014. Their vision was to send teams all across the nations to spread Christ love and help give teens hope once they age out of an orphanage. 

Amy Heath

Amy has been with Agape from the beginning. She has been a voice for the teens from the start. We are so excited to have her on our team. She helps with day to day operations, mission trips, being a voice for the voiceless, and keeping you in touch with whats going on. If you have any questions for Amy, email her at

Caiah collier

Caiah has joined our team in order to work directly with team leaders. She has been on many mission trips and loves working with people to further God's Kingdom. Her job is to equip,encourage, and empower them to lead all over the world, pointing people closer to Christ. If you want to lead a trip, Caiah is the person to contact.

Tim & Joyell Dalton

Tim and Joyell joined Agape's team full-time in January 2020. Tim is our Mission Coordinator working hand in hand with our partners who are on the ground. Joyell is in charge of our preschool program in Haiti. Their family has been to Haiti with Agape multiply times and we are so excited for them to be on our team. 

Josh Darnell

Josh joined Agape's team full- time in 2021. Josh will be moving to Haiti and working closely with our Haitian Director and staff. He has a passion for soccer so we can not wait to see him bring the Gospel through sports. Josh loves to encourage individuals to use the gifts God has given them for the Kingdom. He will be a huge asset in encouraging our teens and mentoring them to be Godly citizens of Haiti.

Sherry Gray

Sherry joined Agapes team in 2015 as our bookkeeper . Her expertise in finances are a huge asset to us. 

Stacey Riggins - President

NICK PETROCCI- Vice President

Wendy Stanbery - Secretary


Wade Riggins

Ashley Suddarth

Brent Mcclure

Shane Stanbery

Kim Starnes