Caiah Collier

In 2005, at 5 years old, God called me to missions. I heard a missionary speak at my church for the first time and my world was forever changed. Then in 2015, I went on my first international trip to Haiti. During that trip, God continued to confirm my call to missions and pushing me to pursue that call. Fast forward one year, I got to go on my second mission trip to Haiti with Agape to the Nations. This organization quickly had my heart. In January 2018, I began interning stateside with Agape and in June left to intern internationally for 10 weeks. Agape to the Nations is helping me follow my lifelong call to mission and sending me out all over the nations. My goal with Agape is to help get team leaders prepared before they take a team to one of our partners. I will also be serving overseas multiple times a year working side by side with teens who have aged out an orphanage or have been living on the streets. My goal is to help them build a closer relationship with the Lord and learn life skills for once they leave Agape’s program. I will also help donors connect with teens in our programs. 


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